Thursday, 31 March 2011

Long term convictions

[Someone found Björk vids to be quite suitable. They are indeed.]

Got Blinded | Toro Y Moi | 2011

A man of long term convictions is a dead man. We ought to seek new ways and new perspectives as we are far from anything that can really be called "truth". Ignorance is the most common form of certainty. Ultimately, the love for truth and beauty is the only thing I can see who's capable of providing the leap between the animal man and humanity. Mutual respect between living organisms and mutual respect in mankind. A Lion won't hunt with his stomach full, why should we? We should feed our brains they're the ones starving to death and with them the whole planet. Seeking truth and enjoying every simple pleasure our mother earth provides to it's full extent is the only happiness I foresee. Defy any establish idea. If nothing grows out of it, you'll prove its rightness. If you find something, then mankind is one step closer. Consciousness is everything. The word "emotion" has been used out of its true context to seduce people. Critical thought is essential and must be taught to children & adults. Every human hear and every human neuron must be open and ready to process. Everyone needs to be open  enough to share. As they say, "sharing is caring" - very valid thought - I have myself questioned it over and over again. It still stands.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Dream About Mankind

we should all be together by now.

No One Asked to Dance | Deerhoof | 2011

Tuesday, 8 March 2011