Friday, 22 July 2011

Left my name with the border guards

Arcade Fire | Black wave/Bad Vibrations | 2007

...a name that I don't need.
Ce sera un long voyage
sur les vagues de l'oubli.


Thursday, 7 July 2011

Obstacle 1

Obstacle 1 - Language.

Obstacle 1 | Interpol | 2002

Somewhere along the way I've forgot that each word and expression that I had, in my own native language, were my own and nobody's else. I forgot it took me over ten years to develop it. It was still growing. And suddenly you find your brain inside four concrete walls. You realize language is nothing more than a tool to your thoughts and currently I've lost a great bunch of tools. Without the number of tools I was used to, my thought cannot translate into words and sentences in the same variety they used to. So I feel dumb. Imprisoned inside my own skull. Even now I'm not sure about what I'm writing, there's always this fear present deep inside cause you can't feel confident enough with these rusty tools that someday, someone, taught you how to use. I haven't got the time to fully experiment them yet. Mistakes are expected in a large scale. I'm constantly embarrassed. It's like I'm a 6 year old kid again, back to school and learning how to properly wright down a sentence. And I thought it would be easy... It's quite a challenge, one I'm happy to take on.