Sunday, 19 February 2012

Letter to the gods

What is this?
The cleaning process as begun.
All my selfishness is brought out to the open wide and it's there in my landscape were I cannot avoid to see it. But I did thank to all the gods for that. For what I’ve become, for all the superficial mud I had to get rid off for my own sake. And here I am, standing beneath my own cross, ready for my crucifixion, and saying my praises to the gods for this wonderful chance they've decided to give me once again.
There's a time for everything in life. And maybe there is a life for every time and everything. 
My own conception of happiness deludes me as my joy ends up living somewhere else. It's a win-win situation, my visions can be nothing more than the tool, one that keeps pushing me forward and concentrating all my thoughts and feelings in one large dense light. What astonish me is that it keeps growing and how humble, and at the same time, proud, I can feel for that. How grateful I am for my own naivety and childishness! I'm getting close to myself and my conscience vibrates, it becomes lightweight although its carrying the world on its back.
I'm becoming what matters.
It's becoming easier and easier to put myself to bleed as it became easy to laugh and dive straight head-first into joy.
It's time to condensate again.
I've always wanted to know, I was thirsty all my life. Every inch of me has struggle to get deeper and higher.
I'm fearless. There is something powerful inside myself. And it has no regard for my own life. Existence wont matter without it so I've surrender.  I'm driven by it and I let myself go even if I have no idea where it leads.
Purification or death. There was no lost time. Whatever my mission is, whatever comes, it doesn't matters anymore as long as I keep letting myself be driven by this invisible hand. I reckon it's your hand.
For I am you and you are everything.

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